Tnm::syslog(n)                  Tnm Tcl Extension                 Tnm::syslog(n)


       Tnm::syslog - Write messages to the system logger.

       The Tnm::syslog command writes messages to the local system logging
       facility.  On Unix platforms, the message is written to the syslog
       daemon. On Windows platforms, the message is written to the Windows event
       logging facility.

       Every message has an associated priority level. Allowed priority levels

       emergency       A panic condition.  This is normally broadcast to all

       alert           A condition that should be corrected immediately, such as
                       a corrupted system database.

       critical        Critical conditions, such as hard device errors.

       error           Errors messages.

       warning         Warning messages.

       notice          Conditions that are not error conditions, but that may
                       require special handling.

       info            Informational messages.

       debug           Messages that contain information normally of use only
                       when debugging a program.

       Not all system logging facilities support all priority levels. The Tnm
       extension will automatically convert the priorities listed above into
       levels understood by the local system logging facility if needed.

       Tnm::syslog [options]
              Invoking the Tnm::syslog command with options but without any
              command arguments allows to retrieve and change the default
              values. See the description of supported options below. Default
              values are bound to a Tcl interpreter which allows to have
              multiple Tcl interpreter with different defaults.

       Tnm::syslog [options] level message
              The Tnm::syslog command writes a message to the system logging
              facility. Further processing of the message depends on the
              priority level of the message and the configuration of the system
              logging facility.

       -ident string
              The -ident option defines the identification string of the event
              source. The default value is the string scotty.

       scotty(1), Tnm(n), Tcl(n)

       Juergen Schoenwaelder <>

Tnm                                April 1999                     Tnm::syslog(n)