syslog(n)                     Tcl Syslog extension                     syslog(n)


       syslog - send message to syslog from Tcl script

       package require Syslog

       syslog ?options? priority message

       This command sends message to system syslog facility with given priority.
       Valid priorities are:

       emerg, alert, crit, err, error, warning, notice, info, debug.

       By default, facility user is used and value of tcl variable argv0 is used
       as ident string.  However, any of the following options may be specified
       before priority to control these parameters:

       -facility value     Use specified facility instead of user. Following
                           facility are recognized:

                           authpriv, cron, daemon, kernel, lpr, mail, news,
                           syslog, user, uucp, local0, local1, local2.

       -ident string       Use given string instead of argv0 variable for ident

       -options list       Set syslog options such as LOG_CONS, LOG_NDELAY List
                           should contain one or more strings CONS, NDELAY,
                           ODELAY, PERROR, PID, NOWAIT

                           Options NDELAY and ODELAY are effectively no-op,
                           becouse openlog(3) call is only performed upon first
                           message send.

                           Numeric value of options can be specified instead of
                           list for compatibility with older versions. Mixing of
                           numeric and string constants are not allowed.

       If any options are specified, priority and message arguments can be
       omitted. In this case syslog command only sets logging parameters which
       would be used for subsequent calls.

       logging, syslog

Tcl                                    2.0                             syslog(n)