TAGTEST(8C)                                                        TAGTEST(8C)

       tagtest - HylaFAX tag line testing program

       /usr/bin/tagtest [ options ] input.tif

       tagtest is a program for testing the ``tag line'' support in the
       HylaFAX server.  tagtest takes a TIFF/F (TIFF Class F) file and
       generates a new TIFF/F file that is a copy of the input file, but with
       sample tag lines imaged across the top of each page.  Options are
       provided for specifying a tag line format string and a tag line font
       file.  If neither are specified, then tagtest will use builtin
       defaults.  tagtest is designed for testing tag line format strings and
       fonts before they are configured for use by the facsimile server.

       -f file   Image the tag line format string using the Portable Compiled
                 Font (PCF) in file.  By default tagtest looks for the font
                 file fixed.pcf.

       -m format Use format when imaging tag lines.  If this option is not
                 specified, then tagtest uses the format string ``From
                 %%n|%c|Page %%p of %%t''.

       -o file   Write output to file.  By default output is written to the
                 file t.tif.

       faxsend(8C), hylafax-config(5F)

                                 March 3, 1995                     TAGTEST(8C)