TCA_CORRECT(1)                       HUGIN                      TCA_CORRECT(1)

       tca_correct - Calculate transverse chromatic aberration

       tca_correct [options] inputfile

       <inputfile> is the base name of 4 image files:

           Colour file to compute TCA parameters

           Red channel of <inputfile>

           Green channel of <inputfile>

           Blue channel of <inputfile>

       The channel images must be colour images with 3 identical channels.  If
       any of -R, -G, or -B is given, this file name is used instead of the
       derived name.

       Output: commandline arguments for fulla

       Generates fulla command-line parameters for correction of transverse
       chromatic aberration (TCA) from sample photos. Ideal sample photos
       would have a lot of contrast over the entire image area, little
       saturated colour and no blown highlights.

       -h  Display help

       -l  input file is PTO file instead of image

       -m method
           optimization method (0 normal, 1 newfit)

       -o optvars
           string of variables to optimize ("abcvde")

       -r  Reset values (this will zero a,b,c,d,e params and set v to 10)
           makes sense only with -l option

       -s <scale>
           Scale for corner detection

       -n <number>
           number of points per grid cell (default: 10)

       -g <number>
           divide image in <number>x<number> grid cells (default: 10)

       -t num
           Remove all control points with an error higher than num pixels
           (default: 1.5)

       -v  Verbose

           Saves the tca data into Hugin lens database

       -w filename
           write PTO file

       -R <r>
           Use this file as red channel

       -G <g>
           Use this file as green channel

       -B <b>
           Use this file as blue channel

       Written by Pablo d'Angelo and others.

"Version: 2019.2.0"               2020-05-12                    TCA_CORRECT(1)