HOOLA(6)                         Freecell Solver                        HOOLA(6)

NAME - transpose a Freecell/etc. layout from
       play-stacks in text-columns to play-stacks in text lines.

SYNOPSIS -o output_fn input_fn | -

       This programs transposes a Freecell/etc. layout.

       Sample input:

           4C 5H QC 5D 2D 7H AH 7S
           2H QH 9S 2S KD JS 5S 6C
           9C 3C 6H JC TH KH 6S 7D
           8C AC 9H 5C TC TS AD 4D
           QS 3H 3S JH TD    8H 8S
              4H KS 6D 8D    JD
              QD 3D AS       KC
                 2C          9D

       Sample output:

           : 4C 2H 9C 8C QS
           : 5H QH 3C AC 3H 4H QD
           : QC 9S 6H 9H 3S KS 3D 2C 4S 7C
           : 5D 2S JC 5C JH 6D AS
           : 2D KD TH TC TD 8D
           : 7H JS KH TS
           : AH 5S 6S AD 8H JD KC 9D
           : 7S 6C 7D 4D 8S

       The columns are prefixed with a single optional "Foundations:" line
       followed by a single optional "Freecells:" line in fc-solve format.

       -o Specify an output filename.

       fc-solve (6)


       Shlomi Fish, <> .

       Thanks to Manish Jain for inspiring this program.

Freecell Solver 4.20.0             2018-07-25                           HOOLA(6)