TROJKA(6)                         Games Manual                         TROJKA(6)

       TROJKA - a game of skill.

       trojka [-s]

       The name Trojka is derived from the Russian word "Trojka", which means
       "three", or "triple".

       When you start the game, you can select a level by pressing the
       corresponding alphanumeric key. Level 0 is easy, level 9 is hard.  The
       aim of this game is to control and to place the falling blocks, so that
       at least three blocks horizontally or diagonally, or both, have matching
       patterns. This sequence is then removed, and the above blocks will
       collapse. The latter sequence is repeated as long as there are matching
       patterns after each collapsion.  A sequence of three immediate
       collapsions results in a socalled "Trojka",  which is rewarded with bonus
       points.  If you reach the top of the screen, the game is finished.

       -s     Display high-scores.

       The falling blocks are controlled using the numeric keypad:

       4,h    left

       6,l    right


       7,k    increase speed

       q      while playing, stops the current game;  otherwise, quits the

       ^L     redraw screen (only while playing)

       /usr/local/share/trojka/trojka.scores         The Trojka hiscore file

       First version written in 1989 for MS-Dog. Not long thereafter (in 1990)
       ported to the local Prime system at the Eindhoven Polytechnic. The Unix
       version became available in 1992 together with the Windows-version.  The
       Macintosh version became available in 1992. In 1994, the X-version was

       MS-DOS, X, Macintosh and this version as well as the whole game-concept
       is (c) copyrighted by Maarten Los.  Prime version (c) Jac Goudsmit, Joran
       Jessurun, Richard Moeskops and me.  Windows version (c) Jac Goudsmit.

       Send all comments and bug-reports to:

       All brandnames listed are trademarks of their respective owners.

                                   20 Oct 1995                         TROJKA(6)