umask(1)                             fish                             umask(1)

       umask - set or get the file creation mode mask

       umask [OPTIONS] [MASK]

       umask displays and manipulates the 'umask', or file creation mode mask,
       which is used to restrict the default access to files.

       The umask may be expressed either as an octal number, which represents
       the rights that will be removed by default, or symbolically, which
       represents the only rights that will be granted by default.

       Access rights are explained in the manual page for the chmod(1)

       With no parameters, the current file creation mode mask is printed as
       an octal number.

       · -h or --help prints this message.

       · -S or --symbolic prints the umask in symbolic form instead of octal

       · -p or --as-command outputs the umask in a form that may be reused as

       If a numeric mask is specified as a parameter, the current shell's
       umask will be set to that value, and the rights specified by that mask
       will be removed from new files and directories by default.

       If a symbolic mask is specified, the desired permission bits, and not
       the inverse, should be specified. A symbolic mask is a comma separated
       list of rights. Each right consists of three parts:

       · The first part specifies to whom this set of right applies, and can
         be one of u, g, o or a, where u specifies the user who owns the file,
         g specifies the group owner of the file, o specific other users
         rights and a specifies all three should be changed.

       · The second part of a right specifies the mode, and can be one of =, +
         or -, where = specifies that the rights should be set to the new
         value, + specifies that the specified right should be added to those
         previously specified and - specifies that the specified rights should
         be removed from those previously specified.

       · The third part of a right specifies what rights should be changed and
         can be any combination of r, w and x, representing read, write and
         execute rights.

       If the first and second parts are skipped, they are assumed to be a and
       =, respectively. As an example, r,u+w means all users should have read
       access and the file owner should also have write access.

       Note that symbolic masks currently do not work as intended.

       umask 177 or umask u=rw sets the file creation mask to read and write
       for the owner and no permissions at all for any other users.

Version 3.0.2                   Tue Mar 26 2019                       umask(1)