unitdiff(1)               FPC unit difference viewer               unitdiff(1)

       unitdiff - Describe differences in the interface of a FPC unit.

       unitdiff [ --disable-arguments] [ --disable-private] [ --disable-
       protected] [ --help] [ --lang=language] [ --list] [ --output=filename]
       [ --sparse] file1 file2

       unitdiff scans one or two Free Pascal unit source files and either
       lists all available identifiers, or describes the differences in
       identifiers between the two units.

       You can invoke unitdiff with as the only required argument a input
       filename. It will then simply list all available identifiers.

       The regular use is to invoke unitdiff with input1 input2 arguments. It
       will then show the difference in interface between the two units, or
       list the available identifiers in both units. The output of unitdiff
       will go to standard output by default.

       unitdiff has some options, most of them optional, defaults will be used
       in most cases.

              If this option is specified, unitdiff will not check the
              arguments of functions and procedures. By default, these are
              checked as well.

              By default, private methods of classes are checked. if this
              option is specified, private fields or methods are not checked.

              By default, protected  methods of classes are checked. if this
              option is specified, protected and private fields or methods are
              not checked.

       --help Emit a short help text and exit.

              Sets the language for the output file. This will mainly set the
              strings used for the headers in various parts of the
              documentation files (by default they're in english). Currently,
              valid options are

              de     German.

              fr     French.

              nl     Dutch.

       --list If this option is specified, only the list of available
              identifiers will be specified for the unit or units. If only 1
              unit is specified, this option is automatically assumed.

              This option tells unitdiff where the output should go. If this
              option is not specified, the output is sent to standard output
              (the screen).

              Turns on sparse mode. In this mode, the output will not contain
              the types of the identifiers. Only the names of the identifiers
              are written to the output. By default, also type descriptions
              are written.

              ppc386(1) fpdoc(1)

Free Pascal                    14 November 2004                    unitdiff(1)