VIEW()                                                                  VIEW()

 6 "IRIT Version 8.0"


        VIEW( GeometricTreeType Object, NumericType ClearWindow )

       Displays the (geometric) object(s) as given in Object.

       If ClearWindow is non-zero (see TRUE/FALSE and ON/OFF) the window is
       first cleared (before drawing the objects).


           VIEW( Axes, FALSE );

       displays the predefined object Axes in the viewing window on top of
       what is drawn already.

       In version 4.0, this function is emulated (see iritinit.irt) using the
       VIEWOBJ function. In order to use the current viewing matrix, VIEW_MAT
       should be provided as an additional parameter. For example,

           VIEW( list( view_mat, Obj ), TRUE );

       However, since VIEW is a user defined function, the following will not
       use VIEW_MAT as one would expect:

           VIEW( view_mat, TRUE );

       because VIEW_MAT will be renamed inside the VIEW user defined function
       to a local (to the user defined function) variable.

       In iritinit.irt one can find several other useful VIEW related

           VIEWCLEAR       Clears all data displayed on the display device.
           VIEWREMOVE      Removes the object specified by name from display.
           VIEWDISC        Disconnects from display device (which is still
                           while allowing IRIT to connect to a new device.
           VIEWEXIT        Forces the display device to exit.
           VIEWSAVE        Request sdisplay device to save transformation
           BEEP            An emulation of the BEEP command of versions prior
       to 4.0.
           VIEWSTATE       Allows to change the state of the display device.

       For the above VIEW related functions, only VIEWREMOVE, VIEWSAVE, and
       VIEWSTATE require a parameter, which is the file name and view state
       respectively. The view state can be one of several commands. See the
       display device section for more.


           VIEW( axes, off );
           VIEWSTATE( "LngrVecs" );
           VIEWSTATE( "DrawSolid" );
           VIEWSAVE( "matrix1" );
           VIEWREMOVE( "axes" );