VMWARE(1)                  BSD General Commands Manual                 VMWARE(1)

     vmware — Intel(TM) x86(TM)-based virtual machine

     vmware [-s name=value] [-x] [-X] [-q] [configfile] [X toolkit options]

     VMware is Copyright (C) 1998-2000 by VMware, Inc.

     Vmware is an execution environment for operating systems running on Intel
     x86-based hardware.  It gives an OS the illusion of running on standard PC
     hardware, but it isolates it from the real hardware and from other
     activities of the host OS.  Thus multiple OSes may run simultaneously on
     the same machine: one of them (the host OS) on the real hardware, the
     others (the guest OSes) inside vmware.

     Vmware can be configured by setting various parameters, with the syntax

           name = value

     A configuration file contains such definitions, one per line.  It also
     contains comment lines, starting with a #, which are ignored.  Vmware
     optionally takes a configuration file as an argument.  This file typically
     contains a virtual machine specification.  Configuration settings may also
     be specified on the command line using the -s flag.

     X toolkit options may be passed as arguments, although some of them (most
     notably size and title) are ignored.

     -s name=value
           Set the configuration variable name to value, overriding other
           definitions of name.

     -x    Power-on vmware on startup.  Equivalent to pressing the power-on
           button after the program starts.

     -X    Power-on and switch to full screen.  Same as -x, but switch to full
           screen mode after powering on.

     -q    Attempt to exit vmware after powering off.  This is particularly
           useful when the guest OS is capable of powering off the virtual

     TMPDIR  Location of temporary files.  Defaults to /tmp.

     /etc/vmware/locations  Record of where files were installed.
     /etc/vmware/config     Configuration default settings for the machine.
     ~/.vmware/config       User-specific configuration default settings.
     ~/.vmware/preferences  User-specific preferences.
     ~/.vmware/license      User license.
     %LIBDIR%               Library directory, possibly shared by several hosts.
     diskfile.WRITELOCK     Temporary lock files for diskfile.
     diskfile.REDO          Redo log for diskfile, created when diskfile is
                            accessed in undoable mode.

     The bulk of the documentation is available through the help system (run
     vmware and press the Help button), and at http://www.vmware.com/support.

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