X-GW(8)                     System Manager's Manual                    X-GW(8)

       x-gw - X gateway service

       x-gw [display/hostname]

       x-gw provides a user-level X connection service under tn-gw and rlogin-
       gw access control. Clients may be started on arbitrary internet hosts,
       and request to display on a virtual display running on the firewall.
       When the connection request arrives, x-gw pops up a window on the
       user's real display which asks for confirmation before permitting the
       connection. If granted, x-gw passes data between the virtual display
       and the user's real display.

       Previously, in order to run X through the firewall, exceptions has to
       be made in router configuration rules to permit direct connectivity to
       ports from 6000 to 6100 on internal systems.  x-gw searches for an
       unused lowest port for the X connection starting from 6010 and
       listening for connections.

       Each time an X client application on a remote system starts, a control
       connection window will pop up on the user's screen that asks for
       confirmation before permitting the connection.  If granted, the
       connection is handled by an individual x-gw child daemon to serve
       multiple simultaneous connections seperately with its own buffed data
       flow.  The child daemon cleans up the buffed data and exits if a
       connection is closed by either end.

       sol-> telnet wxu
       Connected to wxu.tis.com.
       Escape character is '^]'.
       wxu.tis.com telnet proxy (Version V1.3) ready:
       tn-gw-> x
       tn-gw-> exit
       Connection closed by foreign host.

       A window pops up on the user's screen which shows the port number of
       the proxy to use, and which acts as the control window.  Clicking on
       the exit button will close all multiple simultaneous X connections.

              specify a destination display where the user wants applications
              to appear. By default x-gw will use the connecting host name
              followed by port number: 0.0, if the argument is not specified.
              The 0.0 port is also a default number if the user sets the
              display to a host name.

       To install x-gw first place the excutable in a system area, then modify
       netperm-table to reflect the appropriate excutable path.  The location
       of x-gw is compiled into the components of the firewall tookit in tn-gw
       and rlogin-gw based on the netperm-table.

       netperm-table(5) tn-gw(8) rlogin-gw(8)

                                12 August 1994                         X-GW(8)