XWAIS(1)                    General Commands Manual                   XWAIS(1)

       xwais - X interface to the WAIS system

       xwais [ standard X toolkit arguments ]

       xwais is a simple interface that allows the selection and modification
       of WAIS questions and sources.

       There are basically three kinds of windows you will see in Xwais:

       1. the main Xwais window.
       2. a number of Question windows.
       3. a Source window.

       In the main Xwais window you'll see two lists - Questions and Sources.

       To open a question, select the question in the Question List and press
       the "Open" button in the  Question frame.  To create a  new  question,
       press the "New" button in  the  Question frame.   Press "Help" in  the
       resulting Question window    for  information  on how  to   manipulate

       To add a new source, press the "New"  button in the  Source Frame.  To
       edit an old source,  press  the "Open"  button.

       To exit the application, click twice on the "Quit"  button.  This only
       closes the Xwais "shell".  Questions must be closed explicitly.

       Remember, your window  manager may be managing  some of these windows,
       so if you  click on a  button and see  no window,  check to see if the
       window has actually been iconified.

       Xwais                         application Default file.
       $(HOME)/wais-questions        location of saved questions.
       $(HOME)/wais-sources          location for personal sources.

       The following resources may be changed to modify the default behavior
       of the application.  I recommend you look at the resource file Xwais to
       get a better idea of all the resources available.
       Xwais*questionDirectory:      ~/wais-questions/
       Xwais*userSourceDirectory:    ~/wais-sources/
       Xwais*commonSourceDirectory:  /proj/wais/wais/wais-sources/

       xwais currently has a limit of twenty questions. It will arbitrarily
       trunctate the list to the first twenty files it sees.

       xwais does not sort the question or source lists.  It really should.

       xwais is heavily dependant on it's resources.  If it is unable to find
       the proper resource file, it will most likey become unusable.

       xwais has no limit to resizing, so if the window is resized too small,
       some buttons may be lost.

       xwaisq(1), waisindex(1), waisserver(1)

       Jonny Goldman <Jonathan@Think.COM>

Thinking Machines               Thu Feb 20 1992                       XWAIS(1)